Our Story

Preecharat Co Pty Ltd established in 2022 and the main goal is to offer the best products to our customers. Therefore, when it comes to body care products then we have selected to bring products from New Zealand which are famous worldwide cause of their skin care benefits although in Thailand it is still not much known. Our aim is to introduce and promote a high quality products from New Zealand  in Thailand skin care products industry.Especially our Honey Collection products range carries the Certified Natural label, authorised by NATRUE.

The NATRUE standard is one of the world’s most stringent and transparent standards. This means you can feel comfortable knowing you're purchasing a true, completely natural cosmetic product that meets global certification standards, not a greenwashed one.

Why New Zealand Beauty products?

An island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, New Zealand features a stunning landscape surrounded by natural beauty with towering mountains, untamed wilderness, golden beaches, mist-cloaked fjords and small towns with lots of charm.New Zealand is home to numerous beauty and skincare brands that are known for utilizing unique ingredients and their emphasis on sustainability.New Zealand’s unique flora means that beauty companies are able to harvest or grow ingredients that are found nowhere else in the world. It is these indigenous ingredients that make New Zealand's beauty products effective and popular with shoppers the world over.

Market researches noted that a surge in the introduction of natural, environmentally-friendly product are contributing to the boom of Beauty products industry in New Zealand.According to Cosmetics Business, the trend towards natural formulations is backed up by New Zealand legislation which, "supports a natural approach and promotes high environmental standards."